Posted by: beverlyshaffer | May 4, 2007

Burden for the young people

I’ve been praying for the young people of this generation more than usual because I have a heavy burden for them. They are being exposed to SO MANY false teachings. New age teaching is hitting them fast and hard. It seems the young people of this generation don’t really know what to believe, and they are left with a feeling of hopelessness and despair. So many are searching, but they are not being led to the TRUTH. They are turning to drugs and drinking because of the hopelessness they feel. The adults in their lives are not providing any answers and the church is not stepping up like it should. Kids are killing other kids and taking their own lives. What’s the answer…I don’t think there’s any easy answer, unfortunately. This nation needs to get back to God. I think Christians need to set aside some time every day to be praying for this generation of young people. He is their only hope.


  1. Greetings Beverly. I agree wholeheartedly. The generation today faces unprecedented influences from the internet, the profit-driven media, and the pressure to be with the “in crowd,” which today seems to be the “gangsta” scene. The rebellious influences that I remember growing up in the 70s pale in comparison to what’s going on today. It’s an all-out assault for the youth of this generation and much prayer is needed. Thanks for a needful post. I plan to do the same. We have 4 kids ranging from ages 9 to 17.

    Have a blessed weekend in Christ.


  2. hi there! you commented on my blog a while ago…thanks for the message! 🙂

    i agree so much with this post. i work with young people myself (and am one myself), university students to be exact, and it is SO prevalent on the college campuses. keep praying for this..we need your prayers. i’ve been working in western europe for a year and it’s obvious what an impact postmodernism has on Truth and on students today. i appreciate your heart!

    have a great day.

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