Posted by: beverlyshaffer | May 26, 2007

He who puts God first will be happy at last

This world is full of people who put themselves first in everything. Like in marriage – most matrimonial problems are caused by the marriage of two people who are in love with themselves. Like Joyce Meyer says: “What about me?” Yep – Christians are guilty of this too. If we want to walk in victory, if we want peace, if we want contentment, we’ve got to stop thinking about ourselves all the time. Our problems, our this, our that. Just give it all over to Him. He will be about our business if we will be about His. We’re here for a reason. Time is short. Let’s not waste anymore of it.

P.S. Don’t think this isn’t for me too! Believe me, the only reason I know something about this subject is because God has been dealing with me for a looonnngggg time about this!! I am so thankful that He is a patient God!! 


  1. Greetings. We do have a tendancy to place “self” above all others if we’re not careful. Thanks for a reminder as we all need to watch out for this one.

    Have a blessed weekend in Christ.


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