Posted by: beverlyshaffer | July 8, 2007

Surprised by Grace now available

It’s been awhile since I last wrote. I’ve been so busy…vacation, school, getting ready for the release of my book. Yep, that’s right. “Surpised by Grace” is now available. If you’re in the mood for a cheesy romance, this is the one to read! I’ve been in such awe that this book is finally ready to get out there to readers everywhere! Yet, even as I feel a sense of excitement, I feel the need to share something that I’ve noticed romance readers and writers need to be aware of and be on guard about. It is too easy to read a good romance book and think, “Wish my spouse was like the hunk in the book.” Or,”Wish my wife was as hot as the gal in the book.” Romance books are nice but they do tend to be a little “out there.” If we’re not careful, we can find ourselves feeling discontented with what we’ve got. (or don’t have!) So…with that in mind – enjoy those romance books! Including mine. Surprised by Grace, by Beverly Shaffer     available from            


  1. That’s neat, was it crazy writing a book? I would/will write a book someday. Thanks for your contributions (and being the first person to comment on my blog…..yippeee!).

    Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…….

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