Posted by: beverlyshaffer | December 14, 2007

We need Jesus

Talking to a new friend today, I felt like the Lord opened my eyes and gave me a little picture into the state of mankind today. Problems seem to be plaguing just about everyone to one extent or another. Here’s what I saw in my mind’s eye: We’re all like a car that is supposed to be running on all eight cylinders, but instead we’re running on only three or four . No power. Not living the way we’re supposed to. Not functioning the way we’re supposed to. Yes, even Christians – who are supposed to be plugged into the greatest power source available – the Lord Jesus Christ! But non-Christians are barely functioning. Hanging in there. But no power source. Just chugging along. How we all need Jesus! Without Him we’re barely living. Operating on only a few cylinders. Not living the way He meant us to. Lord Jesus, move and work among your people and among the non-believers that we might see that our lives are being only half-lived if we’re not “plugged” into You. Thank you.

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