Posted by: beverlyshaffer | December 20, 2007

The Gift of Jesus by Beverly Shaffer

Christmas isn’t about presents

as nice as they are

It isn’t about snowmen, angles,

or Santa coming from afar

It’s not about cookies, mistletoe,

creamy fudge or Christmas lights

It’s not about stockings hung

from the fireplace with a fire blazing bright

It’s not about eggnog drinks

or other Christmas cheer

What really matters is the Christmas message

Christ brought to earth for all to hear

His missioin was simple

His message was of love

Redeeming a fallen mankind

to the Father above

Trapped in our sins

with no way out

Headed straight for hell

of that there was no doubt

But the Father who loves us

with a love so strong

Said “I will make a way,

I will right the wrong”

So He sent His Son Jesus

to make a way for you and me

This Christmas won’t you accept His gift?

For Him it cost everything, for us it is free.



  1. AMEN and thank you. Beautiful post. You truly have the REAL spirit of Christmas:)

  2. That is a beautiful poem thanks for sharing.

  3. Once again, you are right on target. However, thanks to you, my son was able to HAVE a Christmas! Thank you so much for your generousity for his birthday as well. He was thrilled with your cards and gifts and was able to get a prized item for himself! God shows His Love clearly through the unselfish acts of His special people… You are definitely one of His Own! I love you!

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