Posted by: beverlyshaffer | January 18, 2008

Never satisfied…

Watching my dog the other day, I thought to myself, I wonder if God sees us that way. No – not as dogs – but as never satisfied. You see, I had just given my dog a little bite of my dinner and yet there she sat, waiting for more. One bite wasn’t enough. She wanted more. I wonder if that’s how God sees us. He gives us little blessings day in and day out. Yet we want more. Our flesh is never happy. It always wants more. I would be thrilled if my dog would say (now wouldn’t that be something!) “I’m satisfied with that little bite you gave me. Thank you.” Wow! Maybe we should try that with our Heavenly Father. This quote from Rudyard Kipling seems to fit: Teach us delight in simple things.


  1. While I believe appreciation and reflection are very positive traits, it is our ambition (& desire) that compel us to progress as human beings. The important part of desire is separating what is meaningful with what is otherwise.

  2. Beverly, I have enjoyed reading your thoughts, words of hope and suggestions of ways to better live in The Word. You truly have a gift for writing. I strive to appreciate the simple things always, and find that when I do it fells me with His Holy Spirit. When I read and/or hear of the awesome faith of others, I feel inadequate to respond. But then I have to remind myself daily, that as old as I am, (not chronologically young) I am new to learning how truly Great our God is. It is still hard to wrap my mind around the wonders of His Love, never mind give voice to it. I pray that voice will come, so I may share His Word with others. In the meantime, I will remain grateful to continue to learn, and appreciate the small things He has given.

  3. As I struggle with simple survival, wondering if I’ll have a place to sleep or food to eat, I don’t have to search far for something to be grateful for… SALVATION! In the light of God’s great mercy and the gift of His Son so we might be reconciled to Him, everything that seems so troubling, suddenly seems so small. As long as I am able to breathe I shall be eternally grateful for Jesus Christ and the gift of eternal life. And saying that, how can I not say how grateful I am to my dear sister Beverly, for leading me back to Christ! Without Him, right now would truly be hell! Thank you, Beverly. Your continual prayers led me to Jesus, where I am daily fed and kept alive by His precious Holy Spirit! Praise God!

  4. Isn’t that the Truth!! Until we learn the goodness that the Lord has for us, and with a humble heart, we will always want more. A broken contrite spirit, with nothing more to live for, and has truly given up themselves to Him, them only, will be able think as you wrote. I do find myself wanting more always. He has blessed me in ways, no man could do. Yet, I do find myself expecting more from Him. I guess when you have had the taste of the good life, His blessings, less is not an option. The more blessings He does bestow on us can only mean, we are grateful for one blessing!

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