Posted by: beverlyshaffer | May 4, 2008

a lot happening…

Open any newspaper and you will see headlines like, “Tornado rips through town, killing twenty.” Or, “Earthquake hits area.” Or, “Gangs on the move in small town, causing havoc.” You get the point. Seems like these type of things are increasing in intensity. There’s some good stuff happening, always has, always will, I suppose. But the bad stuff seems to be exploding all around us. Could it be that it’s closer to Christ’s return than we ever imagined? Read Matthew, chapter 24 for some insight. I think more than ever, God’s people need to be praying for the lost because people don’t realize how much is at stake…


  1. Greetings. There is indeed a lot at stake. I haven’t been by in a while, but this is a very notable observation and points to what really matters.

    have a blessed weekend in Jesus.


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