Posted by: beverlyshaffer | December 20, 2007

The Gift of Jesus by Beverly Shaffer

Christmas isn’t about presents

as nice as they are

It isn’t about snowmen, angles,

or Santa coming from afar

It’s not about cookies, mistletoe,

creamy fudge or Christmas lights

It’s not about stockings hung

from the fireplace with a fire blazing bright

It’s not about eggnog drinks

or other Christmas cheer

What really matters is the Christmas message

Christ brought to earth for all to hear

His missioin was simple

His message was of love

Redeeming a fallen mankind

to the Father above

Trapped in our sins

with no way out

Headed straight for hell

of that there was no doubt

But the Father who loves us

with a love so strong

Said “I will make a way,

I will right the wrong”

So He sent His Son Jesus

to make a way for you and me

This Christmas won’t you accept His gift?

For Him it cost everything, for us it is free.


Posted by: beverlyshaffer | December 14, 2007

We need Jesus

Talking to a new friend today, I felt like the Lord opened my eyes and gave me a little picture into the state of mankind today. Problems seem to be plaguing just about everyone to one extent or another. Here’s what I saw in my mind’s eye: We’re all like a car that is supposed to be running on all eight cylinders, but instead we’re running on only three or four . No power. Not living the way we’re supposed to. Not functioning the way we’re supposed to. Yes, even Christians – who are supposed to be plugged into the greatest power source available – the Lord Jesus Christ! But non-Christians are barely functioning. Hanging in there. But no power source. Just chugging along. How we all need Jesus! Without Him we’re barely living. Operating on only a few cylinders. Not living the way He meant us to. Lord Jesus, move and work among your people and among the non-believers that we might see that our lives are being only half-lived if we’re not “plugged” into You. Thank you.

Posted by: beverlyshaffer | December 6, 2007

Give the gift of a book – Surprised by Grace, by Beverly Shaffer

Christmas will be here soon! Having a hard time coming up with gift ideas? I have an idea…give the gift of a book! My book, to be exact! Some of you out there know I wrote a short, sweet and rather cheesy romance – well, it’s available through barnes and and I’m pretty excited about this and of course would love to have everyone reading it! So…check it out!! And have a very, merry Christmas!!   

Posted by: beverlyshaffer | November 21, 2007

From the turkey’s point of view

Happy Thankgiving everyone! We have a bunch of wild turkeys that run around near our property. One of them told me to give you this poem he wrote: (and he said all turkeys feel this way!)

I’m a little turkey

happy as can be

I’m a little turkey

Won’t you set me free

I don’t want to be your meal

You can get a better deal

So get that gleam out of your eye

Cause I don’t want to die!!

Posted by: beverlyshaffer | November 11, 2007

Enjoy a good laugh

Sometimes in this crazy, stress-filled life we need to let loose and have a good laugh. I’ve recently discovered an enjoyable, clean way to do just that – by watching old Charlie Chaplin films. What a kick he is! No sound, but that’s okay. I sit there and bust up. Give it a try. When life is getting to you, get a good movie.

Posted by: beverlyshaffer | October 21, 2007


Another area of my life that has been dry is my writing. I can’t seem to write anything! I sit down to write and blah….nothing…It’s hard to keep hoping and hanging in there when I feel so dry. Only by Your grace, O Lord! (Help!)

Posted by: beverlyshaffer | October 21, 2007

The Right Must Win

I was feeling a little discouraged about life, my walk with the Lord (dry), family problems, feeling old (today is my birthday, I’m 49) – and needed a little lift. I was thumbing through one of my many books of poetry (I love poetry!) and came upon this encouraging poem. I’m not sure when it was written, but the author is Frederick William Faber. Check it out – it’s entitled The Right Must Win

O, it is hard to work for God, to rise and take His Part Upon this battle-field of earth, And not sometimes lose heart.

He hides Himself so wondrously, As though there were no God; He is least seen when all the powers Of ill are most abroad.

Or He deserts us at the hour The fight is all but lost; And seems to leave us to ourselves Just when we need Him most.

Ill masters good, good seems to change To ill with greatest ease; And worst of all, the good with good Is at cross-purposes.

Ah! God is other than we think; His ways are far above. Far beyond reason’s height, and reached Only by childlike love.

Workman of God! Oh, lose not heart, But learn what God is like; And in the darkest battle-field Thou shalt know where to strike.

thrice blest is he to whom is given The instinct that can tell That God is on the field when He Is most invisible.

Blest, too, is he who can divine Where real right doth lie, And dares to take the side that seems Wrong to man’s blindfold eye.

For right is right, since God is God; And right the day must win; To doubt would be disloyalty, To falter would be sin!

Posted by: beverlyshaffer | October 13, 2007

God gave us this life to enjoy

Life is full of hardship and pain, no doubt about it. But there’s so much to enjoy! God has given us so much! No, we can’t live in continual happiness. But we can have joy – no matter what. Because He’s made available so much for us to enjoy. The little things. A good book. A sunset. Sweet smelling flowers. The ocean so deep and wide. Poetry. Family. I challenge you to find joy in the little things in life. God would want it that way!! We have so much to be thankful for. For He is good!!

Posted by: beverlyshaffer | September 21, 2007

Be well-balanced

I was sitting here thinking how important it is to be well-balanced in every area of our lives. In fact, in the amplified version of the bible in I Peter 5:8, it says: Be well balanced (temperate, sober of mind), be vigilant and cautious at all times; for that enemy of yours, the devil, roams around like a lion roaring (in fierce hunger), seeking someone to seize upon and devour. Hmmm, interesting. So does that mean if I eat too much, he might get a foothold in my life? If I sleep too much? Have too much leisure time? Spend too much time on the computer? You get my point. And since I think I’m bordering on too much time on the computer…till next time.  

Posted by: beverlyshaffer | September 11, 2007

Sad state of affairs

In my english class at the college I’m attending, we’re reading literature. Right now we’re reading a story about how it was for women “back in the day.” If a woman was having sexual relations with a man she was not married to, she was viewed as “loose” and “a whore.” Isn’t it sad that it’s just the opposite these “modern, enlightened” days? If a woman wishes to remain a virgin and wait for her future husband, she is scorned and made fun of. My brother is in a new relationship and is trying to get back right with the Lord. The woman he is seeing wants to become involved sexually and he doesn’t. She said he’s living in the dark ages. How sad! It’s not popular to please the Lord, only to please our flesh. How it must sadden the Lord that we’ve moved so far from following His word! I can’t help but wonder how much longer God will put up with this…

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